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Paint Protection Film

A Tougher Defense Against the Harshness

FlexiShield Paint Protection products are self-healing and heat curable because of a flexible component in the film, which is also known as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This class of films has many properties including elasticity, transparency, stain and abrasion resistance. A combination of hard and soft co-polymers reacts to rebind and retain their shape causing these PPF films to reseal or heal themselves.

For superior strength and resilience, our 10 mil Deep Protection Hazard Film (DPH) brings with it a strong invisible shield and higher scratch resistance, without sacrificing optical clarity. DPH is also a self-healing film designed to preserve vehicle exteriors, from abrasion and scratches and lasts for many years.


  • PROTECTS PAINT. Our sophisticated technology provides a dense top coat that heals faster than most PPF brand on the market and a beautiful crystal-clear finish that never yellows or cracks. These extremely durable films safeguard any vehicles paint from airborne impurities, common scratches, and road debris damage.
  • SELF-HEALING COATING. The ability to heal is an advanced feature inside the films coating called (TPU), a flexible thermoplastic layer that can self-heal once damage occurs. Slight abrasions, scratches or outdoor hazards can be easily averted with these time-tested products.
  • IMPROVED GLOSS. As light passes through the film it illuminates the paint color giving it a shiny glazed appearance. Silicone elements in the substrate also enhance the original paint producing a smooth high-gloss finish.
  • STAIN RESISTANCE, The anti-stain protection comes from polyurethane dispersion (PUD), which is a self-cross-linking technology that enhances coating properties, such as hardness, water, and solvent resistance.

key features of Fexishield

high gloss

self healing

stain resistant

water repellent


Window Films

99% UV protection – 91% IR Rejection

With 91% infrared heat rejection, 99% UV protection and a variety of attractive tints, Luxo Window Films are the perfect solution for the appearance and protection you need.

The technology used in the manufacturing of Luxo solar Films was originally produced by the exhaustive research of this MIT lab. The main body of the research and professional team operating in Luxo’s manufacturing facilities in the United States are professionals who have at least more than 20 years experience in manufacturing high-quality solar films. Our proprietary Sputtering and coating technology, which has been the foundation for a whole new era in solar film performance.



  • Healthy protection
  • Safe Raw material
  • Safe Driving Protection
  • Shatter resistance
  • Energy Saver and Sustainable

Luxo Window Films assist in rapidly reducing and effectively stabilizing interior temperature. The reduced load placed on the vehicle’s climate system results in energy savings and increased fuel efficiency. Leading the window film industry, Luxo’s TiNite Series offers the highest standard in heat rejection and clarity improvement technology. In addition to increased fuel efficiency and energy savings, TiNite Window Films will help you do your part in protecting the environment.

As one of the leading manufacturers of sputtered products, Luxo Window Films supply the world with cutting-edge nano-ceramic films, crystallite films, metallic films and other specialty films.

At Luxo Window Films monitors  every step of its production process to guarantee the quality and consistency that consumers of high-end window films have come to expect. The engineering and design staff’s have over 30 years of combined experience , helping to ensure that our products are simple, efficient and adhere to the highest quality standards.

key features of LUXO



stain resistant

water repellent


Windscreen and mobile phone protection

LIQUIDNANO™ is the ultimate in invisible nano coating & guaranteed protection that is super durable, eco-friendly, silica dioxide (Si02) based smart coating.

The Nanotechnology is a phenomenon which is set to revolutionise the way we live, work and communicate and LIQUIDNANO™ is leading the way in bringing this innovative new technology to market with our range of high quality nano products.

Using nanotechnology, materials can effectively be made stronger, lighter, more durable, and more resistant to dust, water & microbes.

The LIQUIDNANO™ technology enables a user to deposit a nano-scale layer of molecular, particle free glass, onto any glass surface.

  • ▪︎ molecules of glass (Silicon Dioxide/SiO²) come from pure quartz sand
  • ▪︎ Like ordinary glass the coating is chemically inert, it is completely safe to apply and Eco friendly
  • ▪︎ It is resistant to alkalis and solvents, it’s flexible, breathable, highly durable, heat tolerant, anti-microbial and offers non-stick and “easy clean” characteristics

There are many types of Liquid Glass, each designed for a specific type of application. For LIQUIDNANO™ to achieve a protective coating suitable for mobile device screens, we found our own – a unique form of Liquid Glass screen protector that works at the nano-scale – using the best nanotechnology technology, development and production partners in Germany which, as with many things, leads the way in high quality Nano product manufacturing.

When applied to surfaces such as mobile device screens, lenses and windscreens it results in:

  • ▪︎ increases in resistance to breakage from knocks, drop & scrapes
  • ▪︎ increased clarity, such crystal clear images on mobiles, device screens, lenses and windscreens




  • LIQUIDNANO™ is a super durable, eco-friendly, silica dioxide (Si02) based automotive glass protective smart coating.
  • Designed, engineered and formulated in Germany, LIQUIDNANO™ utilises the most advanced Nano-technology available today to delivery optimal windshield protection and performance.
  • This easy to apply wipe-on coating creates a bonded protective layer that increases windshield glass hardness and creates a water repellent hydrophobic effect.
  • LIQUIDNANO™ delivers unrivalled protection against Impact, Chips, Minor Cracks and Surface Scratches for your windshield.
  • LIQUIDNANO™ also dramatically improves both day and night-time Driver Visibility even in the heaviest rain and most adverse weather conditions..



key features of LIQUIDNANO


LIQUIDNANO™ is the industry best screen coating that provides the ultimate windshield protection & visibility with invisible wipe-on nano coating.


LIQUIDNANO™ is the most unique Mobile Screen Coating with the with invisible wipe-on nano coating. It is compatible with all mobile device screens- helps minimise scratches and screen-breaks due to those unforeseen drops.



Peelable Paint

Sprayable Paint Protection

ClarityCoat offers Sprayable Paint Protection at its finest with a minimum of 200 microns worth of protection to your original paintwork.

  • Incredible stone chip resistance
  • Can be sanded and polished
  • No lifting at edges

Because ClarityCoat is sprayed, there are no seams and there is no surface too complicated to protect.
For extra protection, you can apply an extra thick layer added for high impact areas.


Cars, trucks, supercars, and minivans- there is no limit to what ClarityCoat can protect. If it is special to you and you want the best protection on the market then ClarityCoat is for you.

Much like with cars, motorcycles are becoming increasingly more expensive and protecting an asset like this in our opinion is mandatory.

Boats & Yachts are extremely expensive but so are all the fixtures and fittings. ClarityCoat Sprayable Paint Protection can be applied to a variety of internal and external areas offering incredible strength and protection.


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